Published by DEFNA on: Jan 1, 2023

Call for Proposals for DjangoCon US 2023 Website!


UPDATE: The deadline is extended to February 10.

We are looking for assistance with our DjangoCon US website design, and conference swag and art direction.

Our main goal for 2023 (repo here) is to update our color scheme, logos, and style guide to fit the theme of the new city, Durham, NC.

We have all of our 2022 data to work with which includes all of our content along with our speakers and schedule (talks, tutorials, and sprint information) which can be used to verify and test with.

We’d also like your help with our swag and art direction which includes our backdrops during the conference, videos, signage, along with special swag which we give out at the conference.

Website Overview

In 2017, the DjangoCon US website was re-built using the static site generator Jekyll and hosted on GitHub. While we are not wedded to the use of Jekyll, there are a number of advantages to this static site generator type of approach:

  • Much of the website layout code can be reused from year to year
  • New designs can be implemented more quickly and easily
  • Website documentation is more easily maintained
  • The number of contributions and contributors has drastically increased (many contributions can be made through markdown alone)

Website Technical Specifications

The 2022 DjangoCon US website currently uses the following software tools: * Hosted on Github Pages (using Jekyll static site generator) * Foundation responsive design framework * Sass CSS extension language * Gulp to compile for production * npm for installation of front end dependencies

Here is the link to the DjangoCon US 2022 website repo, including README documentation:

Landing Page, Website Design, Art Direction Deliverables

DjangoCon US will need:

  • A configurable landing page with:
    • City and date information (This should also have a “coming soon” option)
    • A marketing teaser
    • Link to sponsorship info
    • Link to our code of conduct
  • Updated website design including city design, color scheme, logos, and updated style guide.
  • Ideas and art direction for our swag and signage

DEFNA Will Provide

  • City and date information
  • Sponsorship submission form hosted through third-party
  • Landing page copy
  • The 2022 website which shows a complete and working implementation of what we are looking for

Full Website Deliverable

  • Delivery of the full website design
  • Responsive design that supports mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Accessibility and usability features

DjangoCon US organizers and open-source community members will provide additional support for integration of the design.

Tentative Schedule

  • Landing page launch: March 2023
  • Website design complete: March 2023
  • Initial site launch: March 2023
  • Swag completion: April 2023

CFP Timeline

  1. Call for proposals opens: January 7, 2023
  2. Deadline to submit proposal: February 10, 2023
  3. Decision: February 17, 2023

Submission Instructions

Please provide an electronic copy of your submission to our email address You can also email any questions that you have to our email address.

We look forward to hearing from you!