Published by DEFNA on: Sep 10, 2018

Semester Grants Report

At DEFNA we know that organizing great events is hard work, and we’d like to give you a little push by encouraging all event organizers in North America, no matter the size, to apply for our grants. The only thing you need to do is fill out this form and the Board will review and answer as soon as possible.

Here’s a recap of the grants given this year:


February 17, 2018

Django Girls is a non-profit organization and a community that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. During each event, women build their first web application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django. You can read a detailed review of the event here.


October 5 & 6, 2018

PyGotham is a New York City based, eclectic, Py-centric conference covering many topics. PyGotham attracts developers of various backgrounds and skill levels from the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Activities include two full days of talks, lightning talk sessions, and a social event. Register here.


A conference north of the Golden Gate, focused on community, collaboration, and all things Python. North Bay Python is a two-day, single-track Python conference held at the Mystic Theatre in Historic Downtown Petaluma, California, over the weekend of December 2 & 3, 2017.


November 30 & December 1, 2018

The second edition of the PythonDay at Mexico will be hosted in the city of Guadalajara. The event is completely free, there will be one day of workshops and one day dedicated to talks. We are very excited to sponsor our first event in Mexico.

Not sure if your event applies or you have questions related to organizing events? You can reach us at We’ll be happy to help!